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February Education Update

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If you haven’t stayed up to date on this month’s education happenings in the nation, I have some key highlights for February. Across the nation the fight for education is only getting hotter.

  • In West Virginia, legislators are hearing the voices of state citizens that want to see Common Core repealed.
  • However, friendly dialogue between groups with opposing views continues to disintegrate on the UNCW Campus. How are the people of our nation supposed to come together, when respectful dialogue and communication has broken down into hostility and complete avoidance? This is not a strategy that will promote understanding, respect for others, despite opposing positions.
  • The fight against Common Core is moving swiftly in Louisiana, as state government begins supporting parents to be more involved in education initiatives, including questioning common core and working against it on local and state levels.

August 11, 2013

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An Afternoon at The Globe

Originally posted on Big Ben and Big Adventures:


Last week, I traveled down to The Globe Theater to watch a performance of William Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra. The play, a tragedy, revolves around conflicts between Rome and Egypt, as well as the love story of Cleopatra and Antony. To see a play at The Globe Theater is definitely an experience because the theater was rebuilt in the 1990’s to resemble the actual Globe Theater that Shakespeare’s plays were originally performed in. This means zero electricity, no ceiling (since natural light takes the place of spotlights), and the entire ground floor is only meant for standing. The actors wore no microphones and thus had to project their voices so that the 1,600 people in the audience could hear them. I had a ticket for the ground floor, so for the entire three hour play I had to stand. This was not the most ideal situation, however I…

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Zoe Ford, Artistic Director of Hiraeth Productions speaks to Theatrefullstop about her interpretation of the Shakespearean classic, Hamlet!

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Zoe FordWith the 450th birthday celebrations of one of our most celebrated playwrights well and truly underway, each play serves as a reminder of just how influential Shakespeare’s part has been in the worlds of both the English language and the landscape of theatre making. Founded 2 years ago, Zoe Ford‘s theatre company, Hiraeth Productions has sought to bridge the gap between the Elizabethan/Jacobean era in which Shakespeare thrived, and the technological, forward thinking era in which we now live. Ahead of Zoe’s production of Hamlet, I was able to speak to the Director about her prison inspired interpretation, her inspirations for founding Hiraeth and why being a Text Assistant for Shakespeare’s Globe has proved invaluable!

As founder of Hiraeth Artistic Productions, what inspired you to create the company?

Starting a theatre company was an idea that came to me at drama school; studying theatre performance was the first time…

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Lessons from a Fantasy Princess: The Little Mermaid

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*Series premise explained and Snow White examined in the first part: Lessons from a Fantasy Princess: Snow White*

 The Plot

A self-hating fish-woman craves the excitement, material splendor, and external genitalia of the surface world. Upon discovering a ship full of humans, she spies on them, becomes obsessed with a prince, and trades her voice to Ursula the Sea Witch for three days worth of legs. To make the change permanent she needs to obtain the true kiss of love or her deed of ownership will be transferred from Prince Eric back unto Ursula.

Ursula manages to leverage this initial bargain to guilt the king into giving up his magic trident, dignity, and status as a vertebrate. General mayhem ensues, and then Prince Eric drives his manly harpoon into the Seahag’s rear. Ariel’s voice is snatched back, more mayhem, and Prince Eric takes control of the situation by ramming the…

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